New Orleans Immigration Lawyer

The steps required to achieve your goal of bringing a loved one into the United States or keeping your family together can be intimidating. The U.S. immigration system is vast, complex and not always fair and efficient. The mistakes people make when trying to deal with this system alone are costly and difficult to correct.

Immigration law is much more than a business for attorney Michael Gahagan. He founded our practice, The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, after a frustrating experience finding effective legal counsel for his own family. We understand how important immigration challenges and problems are on a personal level, and we provide the prompt, direct attention and action-oriented representation our clients deserve.

Louisiana Fiancé And Family Visa Attorney

We have helped many people throughout Louisiana and around the world navigate United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) procedures for obtaining visas and pursuing permanent residence and U.S. citizenship. Assisting with all aspects of family immigration is a core strength of our firm. We also fight for our clients at the highest levels of the court system when injustices occur.

Proven In Federal Litigation For People Facing Tough Immigration Problems

New Orleans immigration attorney Michael Gahagan has built an impressive track record in federal immigration litigation and deportation defense. Simply stated, we stand up for our clients and file suit against the government when necessary due to unlawful denials of applications, unreasonable delays, and other violations and setbacks. As of mid-2013, Mr. Gahagan was the only attorney in Louisiana actively pursuing such cases, and our firm can cite numerous significant victories.

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Some lawyers advertising immigration services are difficult to reach directly. People who really need help do not always receive the services their situations require. You will not have those problems when you turn to attorney Michael Gahagan. He takes his own calls or returns them as soon as possible.

You will receive straight answers without false or empty promises. Whatever your cultural background and whatever specific immigration concerns you are facing, we encourage you to contact our firm as soon as possible for a consultation.