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If you are a United States citizen who has married a citizen of another country, clearing immigration hurdles as efficiently as possible is almost certainly a top priority. For many people, obtaining a nonimmigrant K-3 visa for the foreign-citizen wife or husband is the best way to unite your family as soon as possible.

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At The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we focus on uniting couples and families by the most efficient, reliable means available. In fact, lawyer Michael Gahagan entered the field of immigration law after a difficult experience navigating the system for his own family. If you need clear, dependable advice and skilled representation, we are here to help.

The essential advantage of obtaining a K-3 visa is that your spouse will be allowed to enter this country lawfully much sooner than she or he would through the immigrant visa process. With our assistance, you can then complete the other required steps together, here in the U.S.

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Important considerations if you are considering a K-3 visa application include:

  • The administrative requirements and procedures involved are intimidating, and there is much more to the process than filling out the right forms.
  • K-3 visa applications are subjected to a high level of scrutiny to prevent fraud, and denials or delays can be challenging to overcome.
  • Our firm can assist you with all aspects of your immigration concerns, including addressing questions about dealings with foreign consulates and applications for K-4 visas if your spouse has children you want to bring into the country.

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Experienced Louisiana K-3 visa attorney Michael Gahagan will advise you personally and prioritize your case. He will help ensure that you complete all steps in accordance with the law and deal promptly with any complications that could delay or derail the process. To request a consultation, call 504-931-5355 or email us now.