New Orleans LA Marriage Visa Lawyer

Marriage should be an exciting time, but if you are waiting for your lawyer to process your marriage visa or fiancée visa, the wait can be frustrating. Some attorneys can take months to get their work done while you are waiting to hear from them. At The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we work quickly so you don't need to wait for us.

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Who Needs a Marriage or Fiancé Visa?

If you are an American citizen who is marrying someone from overseas or if you are an immigrant marrying an American citizen, you need to apply for a fiancé visa (K1) or a marriage visa (K3). It is not enough to simply be married to a US citizen. You must file all necessary immigration documents:

  • Application for permanent residence (marriage based green card)
  • Employment authorization (work permit)

Filing Quickly and Correctly is the Key

If your visa has expired, you may be worried about deportation. As long as you file correctly, the government overlooks the stay. Incorrect filing can lead to deportation, so it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure your papers are filed correctly.

Working With a Lawyer Who Cares

At The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we understand how frustrating it can be to wait for answers from an attorney who doesn't return your calls. Attorney Michael Gahagan has first-hand experience with the immigration system and understands what clients need from their attorney.

We answer our phones and promptly return calls if we are not available to answer calls right away. We are available to our clients and will work with them to help find the answers they need. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with an experienced immigration lawyer, e-mail us today or call 504-931-5355.