Louisiana Federal Immigration Litigation Lawyer

At The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we take prompt, decisive legal action for people who are unlawfully denied legal immigrant status or are dealing with unreasonable delays. Attorney Michael Gahagan actively files lawsuits in federal courts as well as appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals and other authorities.

Fighting Unlawful Denials And Unreasonable Delays In The Courts

We recognize how troubling and potentially devastating setbacks in the immigration process are for our clients. As a focused, experienced Louisiana federal immigration litigation attorney, Michael Gahagan has extensive knowledge of deadlines, options and procedures associated with:

  • Unlawful denials of immigration applications, including those based on the refusal of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to recognize the validity of a marriage or other family relationship — or an unlawfully denied Application for Naturalization
  • Unreasonable delays of immigration applications, which most courts have determined should be ruled upon within one year
  • Unreasonable delays of applications for naturalization, which should be adjudicated within 120 days after the interview, but are often held up for several years
  • Actions on behalf of people detained in federal custody for six months or longer without bond or other relief
  • Defense of individuals in deportation/removal proceedings by seeking cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, waivers or other outcomes preferable to removal

Mr. Gahagan has represented clients in the New Orleans Immigration Court, the Oakdale Immigration Court, before the Board of Immigration Appeals and in federal district courts on numerous occasions.

Turn To A Proven, Effective New Orleans Federal Immigration Attorney

Your family relationships and your right to timely, fair and lawful treatment by the government are worth fighting for. It takes courage on your part, and we provide skill and determination on ours.

For a consultation with a lawyer who will offer clear guidance, stay responsive and make your goals his own, please call 504-931-5355 or contact us online now. Michael Gahagan will take your call or return your message as promptly as possible.