Other Immigration Services

The immigration services that New Orleans attorney Michael Gahagan provides are wide-ranging. While family immigration matters are the primary focus of our practice, you can turn to us with nearly any U.S. immigration concern. If filing a lawsuit against the federal government may be the only way to overcome a serious problem, Mr. Gahagan may be the only Louisiana lawyer willing and equipped to help.

Visa, Green Card And Citizenship Counsel · A Proven Advocate And Litigator

Whatever your specific situation, you can count on prompt, personal attention at The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans. From all aspects of family immigration to aggressive deportation defense, we offer straight answers and passionate pursuit of our clients' goals.

In addition to Mr. Gahagan's impressive track record in federal immigration litigation, please note that:

  • We provide counsel and representation for people seeking various types of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas — as spouses and fiancés, other family members, business investors, students and in other eligible capacities.
  • We assist both immigrants pursuing work opportunities and U.S. employers who need to navigate the complex processes associated with obtaining the various types of work visas.
  • We pursue adjustments of status and other paths to obtaining legal permanent residence status — green cards — including representation of people seeking asylum.
  • We advise and represent people striving to complete the naturalization process and become U.S. citizens, including those who experience unreasonable delays that may demand federal litigation.

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Attorney Michael Gahagan is intensely dedicated to helping people unite their families, keep them together and accomplish other immigration objectives. He is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) who overcomes complexity and relentlessly seeks favorable resolution by all legal means. For a consultation on your specific concerns, call 504-931-5355 or email our firm now.