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Immigration law changes require interviews for status updates

There are millions of people in this country holding visas under any number of categories. In the past, many of them, including many here in New Orleans, were able to update their status without the need for an interview, but not anymore. Now, immigration law requires interviews for many of these visa holders, which could cause delays, especially without the appropriate preparation.

The Department of Homeland Security conducts the interviews. At present, they are adding well over 130,000 people to the list of those who will be required to attend an interview before receiving an update to their status. For now, those involved are holding employment-based visas, but it's possible that the types of visas included could be expanded in the future. Many of these interviews are for status changes that move an applicant from one employment category to another.

This constitutes the initial phase of the addition of these types of interviews. The increased scrutiny now required could expand to those holding green cards and student visas. The number of interviews per year could reach as many as one million. DHS is being provided with time to increase its staff in order to handle this volume of interviews. The agency can hardly handle the current volume levels, and the delays could be significant.

Current visa or green card holders who know they are approaching a deadline that requires a change or update in status may want to start the process as early as possible in case an interview is required. Otherwise, a visa holder could inadvertently be in violation of current immigration law if a visa lapses while waiting for an interview. It may be beneficial for individuals to consult with a New Orleans immigration attorney to help make sure they remain in compliance and do not risk a simple update or change in status becoming a more significant issue.

Source: NBC News, "DHS to Require Interviews for More Than 100,000 Visa Holders", Sarah Fitzpatrick and Julia Ainsley, Aug. 25, 2017

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