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October 2017 Archives

Immigration law: Young girl detained after gallbladder surgery

The idea of facing legal proceedings due to immigration issues can be intimidating. Individuals without the right information may feel that they have little hope of achieving favorable outcomes once deportation proceedings begin. Because immigration law is a complicated legal area, concerned Louisiana residents may want to consider gaining assistance.

Immigration law: Doctor receives news of deportation order

Many individuals have traveled from other countries to live in various areas of Louisiana and other regions across the country. Those who are unable to obtain a green card may be faced with the possibility of deportation, and since immigration law can be complex, they might be uncertain how best to approach the situation. A doctor who has lived and treated patients in another state for as many as 18 years has recently been notified that an order for her deportation will soon be enforced.

Immigration law news: Lottery for green cards set to begin again

What the federal government calls a "technical glitch" caused an untold number of applications for green cards to be lost. Those people who applied under the immigration law lottery for green cards will have to apply again starting Oct. 18. For anyone who wants to come to New Orleans and who wants to take advantage of this program, the application period runs through Nov. 22.

Obtaining a green card through work under immigration law

Perhaps you entered the United States on a work visa and then realized that you would like to stay permanently. In order to do so under immigration law, you would need to obtain a green card, which provides you with permanent residency. Numerous avenues exist for you to take on your journey to obtaining permanent residency, and one of those ways is through your employment. 

Will the U.S. Supreme Court make immigration law ruling soon?

Last year, the nation's highest court failed to make a determination that could immediately affect tens of thousands people across the country (including some here in New Orleans). With the addition of a new justice to the United States Supreme Court, that decision could be forthcoming. The decision centers on the immigration law that allows the federal government to indefinitely detain immigrants without a hearing.