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Obtaining a green card through work under immigration law

Perhaps you entered the United States on a work visa and then realized that you would like to stay permanently. In order to do so under immigration law, you would need to obtain a green card, which provides you with permanent residency. Numerous avenues exist for you to take on your journey to obtaining permanent residency, and one of those ways is through your employment. 

Fortunately, you do not have to apply for a green card here in New Orleans. You may also apply from your home country. Work visas fall into several categories, and your first task will be to determine what preference category you fit into based on your qualifications. Once you know what category you fall into, you can then pursue permanent residency in one of four ways. 

If you receive an offer from an employer based here in the United States, that may qualify you for a green card. Certain investors who bring jobs to U.S. citizens may also apply. If you fall into a special immigration category or obtain a National Interest Waiver, you may also petition for a green card without an employer or investment.

You need to know that immigration law can be complex and changes could happen without notice. In order to help ensure that you don't encounter unnecessary obstacles or delays as you go through the process of obtaining a green card, it might be worth your while to enlist the aid of a New Orleans attorney who has helped others in your situation. He or she could help you put your best foot forward as you take the initial steps toward remaining in the country permanently.

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