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December 2017 Archives

Immigration law: Time is running out for "Dreamers"

Thousands of people participating in the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program across the country, including some here in New Orleans, may be feeling as though they are pawns on a chessboard. While they wait for a determination as to whether they will be able to remain in the United States, a battle of wills seems to be raging between the current administration and Congress. The question on their minds surrounds whether immigration law regarding their particular situation will be passed in time.

Family visas: Don't let the term 'inadmissibility' stop you

Every day, numerous families here in New Orleans face changing immigration laws like others around the country. If after being in the country for several years with your family you suddenly find your ability to remain in the United States in jeopardy, you may wonder if there is anything you can do. Once you hear the word "inadmissibility," you may think that you have no other choices when it comes to family visas, but that may not be true.

Sometimes immigration law keeps families together, even now

Times are uncertain for those living here in New Orleans (and elsewhere) who are not United States citizens. These days, running afoul of current immigration law could mean a one way trip back to a person's country of origin. However, there are times when the law works as it should, and a family gets to stay together.

New Orleans man's plight highlights changing immigration law

Many immigrants living here in New Orleans do so with the same trepidation as others across the country. At this point, immigration law seems to be changing at a rapid pace, and many people struggle to stay on pace with those changes. Seeing flashing lights in the rear view mirror of a car may be enough to cause concern.

Will the revival of an immigration law put more people at risk?

People in many cities throughout the country, including New Orleans, face uncertain futures. With immigration law seemingly in a constant state of flux, no one can be sure what tomorrow will bring. Now, many police departments are considering opting into a program in which they would work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.