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Family visas: Don't let the term 'inadmissibility' stop you

Every day, numerous families here in New Orleans face changing immigration laws like others around the country. If after being in the country for several years with your family you suddenly find your ability to remain in the United States in jeopardy, you may wonder if there is anything you can do. Once you hear the word "inadmissibility," you may think that you have no other choices when it comes to family visas, but that may not be true.

Current immigration law does include the potential for receiving waivers that could allow you to remain with your family here in the country. Perhaps you follow the news coverage regarding the current efforts to deport individuals who came to the United States without the proper documentation. If you fall into this category, you may be nervous that you could have to leave your family and return to your country of origin.

In the alternative, you may have come into contact with New Orleans law enforcement and face possible deportation due to accusations of or convictions for criminal activities. You do not necessarily have to give up on your dreams of remaining here under these circumstances. In either instance, you may be able to obtain a waiver to remain with your family, especially if your deportation would adversely affect your family.

Even in uncertain times when it comes to obtaining family visas, you may still have options. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your presence in the country, obtaining a waiver may be possible. Working with an experienced immigration law attorney could increase your chances of keeping your family together.

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