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New Orleans man's plight highlights changing immigration law

Many immigrants living here in New Orleans do so with the same trepidation as others across the country. At this point, immigration law seems to be changing at a rapid pace, and many people struggle to stay on pace with those changes. Seeing flashing lights in the rear view mirror of a car may be enough to cause concern.

This is what happened to one New Orleans father. After being arrested for a DUI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement took notice of him. A deportation order was issued against him, despite his pleas regarding his children. Both of his daughters suffer from chronic medical conditions, and need their father.

The father says that ICE ordered him to turn himself over for deportation back to his country of origin by a certain date. Instead of doing so, he took refuge in a local church. He is doing what he can to remain in the country for his daughters, and he believes part of that effort is putting a face to ICE's activities. Reports indicate that many families in the city and elsewhere around the country are trying to prepare their families for the possibility that they could disappear.

The future of many immigrants hangs in the balance as the federal government makes changes to the current system. For those either currently needing help or who anticipate needing it, it may be worthwhile to talk to an immigration law attorney. There may be options available that they had not considered by only talking to ICE agents or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Source:, "Ordered out of America, an immigrant father turns to the church | Opinion," Jarvis DeBerry, Nov. 17, 2017

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