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DACA renewals now being accepted

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has opened up for renewals once again, following a judge’s decision blocking the termination of the program.

If you or a loved one are covered by DACA, it is important that you stay on top of these events. The situation is changing constantly, which can be very frustrating. It’s also important that you have proper legal representation through the process, in case there are other ways that you can be protected.

Latest turn of events

The Citizenship and Immigration Services agency announced that “until further notice” they would operate on the terms in place before September, when it was announced that DACA would terminate.

This means that anyone who had their DACA deferred action expire on or after September 5, 2017, can apply for a renewal. This will terminate any other action being taken. If you had a renewal which expired before that date, you can apply again under the same program.

Anyone not covered by DACA previously is not eligible to start a new application at this time.

What this means

The legal wrangling continues  in this case, putting a dark cloud over the program. It protected about 690,000 children of immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors by their parents. It is still unclear whether there will be a long-term deal to continue the program or if it will end, as the current administration has attempted.

Because of this situation, it is very important that anyone counting on DACA seeks out other ways that they can protect their status and remain here. Every situation is unique, and requires careful consideration as to how best to proceed.

Consult legal help

Everyone who is eligible under DACA should have representation from an experienced immigration attorney at this time. There are many other ways which you can stay in this country. The process can be long and very complicated, so proper representation is almost always required. This is especially true for those who are in legal limbo, such as those eligible for DACA.

In these difficult times, where everything is changing constantly, it’s more vital than ever to have someone on your side who can bring you peace of mind and stay on top of the situation. If your status is in question it is vital that you have proper representation to pursue whatever avenues are best for your unique situation.

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