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Even those with work visas question their futures

The news is filled with stories questioning the fate of numerous immigrants here in the United States, including many here in New Orleans, whose futures hang in the balance because they entered the country without going through the proper channels. The fact is that other immigrants who entered the country with work visas are wondering about their statuses as well. Even they face challenges remaining in the country at a time when immigration laws are in a state of flux and no definitive solutions have arisen.

Many of those immigrants also have employers who are concerned as well. Employees are not the only ones whose paths to citizenship may be in jeopardy. Some families who entered the country legally have had to wait up to 10 years or more the get green cards. By the time they were issued, some or all of their children had already become adults and were no longer considered immediate family under immigration law. As such, the green card came too late, leaving them in a legal limbo with regard to their own statuses.

Even those with green cards find they now face challenges not seen in the past. What should be a simple renewal process has become infinitely more complex. More than half of applicants in recent months seeking renewals were asked to provide additional information. Furthermore, somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 percent of these applications are denied.

This puts immigrants who legally entered the country on work visas in jeopardy of losing their statuses. Those here in New Orleans facing this issue may benefit from speaking with an immigration law attorney. There may be options of which they have no knowledge. At the very least, having experienced help could make all the difference.

Source: CNN, "Legal immigrants worry about their future under Trump", Tal Kopan, March 7, 2018

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