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Families seeking asylum under immigration law are being separated

Every year, many people come to the United States seeking asylum. Families flee their countries of origin in order to escape atrocities and find safety and freedom. However, when they arrive, whether it be in New Orleans or elsewhere, they could end up separated from their family members. Officials take children from their parents and put them into separate detention centers. Immigration law officials claim the separation is necessary in order to verify parentage and ascertain whether the children are victims of trafficking.

That may not be the whole story, however. Sources claim that the current administration intentionally separates families upon entry into the country as a deterrent. The theory is that families may think twice about entering the country illegally if they know that they will be separated from their children.

Those types of statements diminish the claims of government officials who say they are only trying to protect the children. However, criticism regarding how families arriving in the country are treated also extended to the previous administration. Even though families were kept together, at least two facilities located in Texas were found to be too restrictive in violation of a settlement reached in 1997. In addition to separating families upon entry into the country, that settlement is also on the chopping block, according to the current administration.

Without a doubt, immigration law continues to be a source of polarization and contention across the country. The problem is that real people are caught in the crossfire of the debates that continue without much resolution. Anyone in New Orleans looking to use legal avenues to remain in the U.S., whether seeking asylum or otherwise, may benefit from the help of an immigration law attorney to advocate on their behalf.

Source: CBS News, "ACLU accuses U.S. of separating immigrant families seeking asylum", March 9, 2018

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