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April 2018 Archives

Some immigrants end up detained when seeking family visas

Few people choose whom they will fall in love with, and when it happens, they want to spend the rest of their lives together, which often includes getting married. For some of those people living here in New Orleans or elsewhere in the country, this presents a logistical problem because they did not enter or remain here without the proper documentation. In 2016, regulations were enacted that allow immigrants who married U.S. citizens to seek waivers to remain in the country while they seek family visas and permanent residency.

Federal government halts legal assistance program

There are many changes taking place in the US immigration system right now, in both enforcement and new policies and procedures. Last week, the Justice Department halted the Legal Orientation Program, a service that gives legal counsel to detained immigrants facing deportation. It also operates help centers for non-detainees, including two Baton Rouge facilities.

Immigration law issues: Can ICE access your Facebook page?

Are certain people in the United States being hunted? Recent activities conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement more than likely make numerous people here in New Orleans and across the country who live here without the proper legal documentation feel that way. News articles are full of instances in which ICE performs raids in which people end up sitting in detention centers awaiting their fates under an ever-changing body of immigration law. Now, some of those articles indicate that even Facebook is not a safe place.

The challenges of moving to the U.S. as an immigrant family

Uprooting one's life and moving to another part of the world can require paperwork - a lot of paperwork. And while some families find the paperwork to be the most challenging part of immigrating many others find that it's even harder to adjust to life in a new country.