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Immigration law issues: Can ICE access your Facebook page?

Are certain people in the United States being hunted? Recent activities conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement more than likely make numerous people here in New Orleans and across the country who live here without the proper legal documentation feel that way. News articles are full of instances in which ICE performs raids in which people end up sitting in detention centers awaiting their fates under an ever-changing body of immigration law. Now, some of those articles indicate that even Facebook is not a safe place.

In one example, ICE began monitoring data from one person's Facebook page in order to ascertain his or her location. The information involved more than just reviewing posts and pictures, but determining where the individual was when accessing the popular social media site. ICE agents even found the individual's phone number.

Both Facebook and ICE substantiate their actions by claiming that the information was used in an effort to locate and further the investigation into a suspected child predator. Facebook goes on to claim that ICE did not reveal that the information was wanted for immigration law purposes. However, it would stand to reason that the person's immigration status would be part of the query since it was made by ICE.

Under immigration law, everyone has rights regardless of immigration status. As the tactics used by ICE continue to become seemingly more aggressive, individuals may find that they need legal representation. Those living here in New Orleans may find the advice and assistance of an immigration attorney invaluable as they attempt to protect their rights and the rights of their family members.

Source:, "Report: Immigration uses Facebook to track down immigrants wanted for deportation", March 27, 2018

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