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The challenges of moving to the U.S. as an immigrant family

Uprooting one's life and moving to another part of the world can require paperwork - a lot of paperwork. And while some families find the paperwork to be the most challenging part of immigrating many others find that it's even harder to adjust to life in a new country.

Here are a few of the challenges immigrant families face when coming to the United States.

Learning the language

English is undoubtedly one of the hardest languages to learn and even English natives struggle to navigate the colloquialisms. Unfortunately language barriers can make nearly every other task near impossible. Some families find even simple errands such as buying groceries or going to a doctor's appointment can easily become overwhelming when they're still learning a foreign language.

Getting around

A driver's license can be essential for an immigrant to be able to access the services that they need. For those who have yet to master the English language the class instruction, written exam and the driver's test itself can be nearly impossible. As such many immigrant families rely on public transportation to get to work, school and any appointments until they feel comfortable enough to take the classes and tests.

Finding a job

Sadly some immigrants may not have the same job opportunities that they had back home. It could be that their credits don't transfer or that their certifications are not valid in the U.S. Some immigrants also find that their employers discriminate against or even try to exploit them. Immigrant employees can be seen as vulnerable since they are not native to the country and may not be well versed in American law. Unfortunately this can make immigrant families seem like an easy target in the beginning.

Cultural differences

The cultural barriers that immigrants face can make them feel isolated and misunderstood. Things that were considered normal in their home country may be considered rude in the states or vice versa. Immigrants - especially children -- may feel like they struggle to connect with others at first due to these cultural barriers.

Moving to another country can be a challenge but it doesn't come without its rewards. Over time the obstacles that immigrant families face can become less overwhelming and more manageable as they adapt to their new lives.

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