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Some immigrants end up detained when seeking family visas

Few people choose whom they will fall in love with, and when it happens, they want to spend the rest of their lives together, which often includes getting married. For some of those people living here in New Orleans or elsewhere in the country, this presents a logistical problem because they did not enter or remain here without the proper documentation. In 2016, regulations were enacted that allow immigrants who married U.S. citizens to seek waivers to remain in the country while they seek family visas and permanent residency.

Obtaining family visas could become problematic

It would be a challenge to find anyone in New Orleans who is not already aware of the immigration law changes taking place here in the United States. More than likely, the administration will push for even more changes this year. One area where significant changes could be on the horizon is in family visas.

Family visas: Don't let the term 'inadmissibility' stop you

Every day, numerous families here in New Orleans face changing immigration laws like others around the country. If after being in the country for several years with your family you suddenly find your ability to remain in the United States in jeopardy, you may wonder if there is anything you can do. Once you hear the word "inadmissibility," you may think that you have no other choices when it comes to family visas, but that may not be true.

Family visas and conditional statuses

You may have come to New Orleans to marry the love of your life. You entered the country on an immigrant visa and then became a conditional resident. Since obtaining your green card was based on your marriage, you will more than likely need to have your conditional status changed. Family visas issued for marriage have conditions on them because the United States government wants to make sure that you did not marry simply to gain entry into the country.

Help with family visas here in New Orleans

Family is an important part of many people's lives. You may be anxious to share the beauty and vitality of New Orleans with those you love. If your current or future spouse is not yet a United States citizen, ensuring that he or she can remain in the country requires researching and obtaining the appropriate family visas.

Family is important in the immigration process

This year has brought uncertainty for many immigrants and their families both in the United States and around the globe. For immigrants hoping to establish permanent residency in the U.S., a green card is the most sought after document because of the rights it grants to its holders. However, to many, getting a green card feels less like a legal process and more like a lottery. Does it ever get more clean cut?