Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests & Litigation

Freedom Of Information Act Request & FOIA Litigation Attorney in New Orleans, LA

Michael W. Gahagan is a nationally recognized expert in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law and FOIA litigation. Since 2007, Mr. Gahagan has been asked by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) to write educational articles and teach its more than 14,000 lawyer members about FOIA and FOIA litigation at many AILA conferences across the United States. Mr. Gahagan has also successfully represented hundreds of clients in requesting federal agency records through FOIA and then in FOIA litigation when the federal agency refuses to obey the FOIA statute. In addition, Mr. Gahagan is regularly retained by lawyers nationwide, to represent their clients in order to obtain agency records through FOIA from many different federal agencies so that those attorneys can effectively represent their clients in numerous areas of law.

Who Can Submit a Freedom of Information Act Request?

Any person inside the United States can request records from a federal agency. The agency that receives the FOIA request has twenty working days to produce the requested agency records or it may face a federal lawsuit for violating FOIA’s twenty-day production mandate. For any person with a prior immigration history, it is important to file a FOIA request with the proper federal agency to obtain as much accurate information as possible about that person’s immigration history. While you may have a very good memory and excellent recordkeeping, your records will not include the records, emails, and notes made by an immigration employee about you and your immigration case.

Expert Help When You Need It Most

Whether you are an immigrant in need of your immigration records so that you can effectively prepare to file your immigration application or defend yourself from removal from the United States, or a private attorney who wants to obtain records from any federal agency so that you can effectively represent your client in any area of law, Mr. Gahagan will be happy to help you request those records through FOIA and then litigate the case in federal court should the target agency refuse to produce the requested records within the time mandated by FOIA. Contact Gahagan Law Firm, LLC today by calling (504) 766-9137 or contact us online and Mr. Gahagan will be happy to speak with you about obtaining records through FOIA from any federal agency.